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TamilNadu CMA Hackathon
15 Dec 2013

TamilNadu Government conducted hackathon event in Anna University for all the software enthusiasts. Myself along with 4 other thoughtworkers participated and built an app prototype that eventually emerged as one of the winners.

We named the app as KYC (abbreviation for Know Your City) which is an overlay of all the entities controlled by the municipality over an open sourced map with options to add/edit/modify existing entities.

Almost two days of mucking around with leaflet.js and its plug-ins resulted in an app to showcase our idea…

Play around by disabling/enabling the overlays on the right & drag dropping the new entities from the left pane on the map

If you would like to see how it is done, here is the Source Code

KYC features:

Features built for the CMA

  1. Search by area on the map
  2. Add, Edit and Delete public facilities (hospitals, parks, libraries etc.)
  3. View the complaints raised for various public facilities
  4. Consolidation of user complaints at an area level
  5. Report action taken on user complaints

Features built for the public

  1. Locate public facilities in your locality through a search on the map
  2. Raise complaints about facilities to bring them to the authority’s notice.

Technical Features:

  1. Responsive UI (Works on smart phones, tablets)
  2. All open source technologies (OpenStreetMaps, Leaflet.js)
  3. Flexibility to connect to any data source (via http)
  4. Can be easily adapted to Indian languages (I18n)

Arunkumar Ramanathan, Sudhakar Rayavaram, Rajeswari Krishnakumar, Arun Kumar S & Ganapathi Subramanian V