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Enable java apps browser in T-Mobile SDA phone
31 Oct 2007

If you are having a T-Mobile SDA (in USA) / HTC Tornado (outside world) and installed a java application say a game, you cannot browse to it because the java apps browser is not shown in the start menu by default (what the…..) Ya, i donno why it is not enabled by default, but, there is a way to enable it. I did the following and made it work. By the way, i did not discover this method… it is already available in the internet but not so easy (For me) to find… I am just increasing the chances (May be not!!!) of someone finding it easily :)

NOTE: To do the following, u should have a windows PC with Microsoft Activesync installed.

  1. Connect your windows mobile smartphone to the PC (which has the Activesync installed)
  2. After the computer detecting the phone, you should see ‘Mobile Device’ icon in ‘My Computer’
  3. Open it and find ‘My Windows Mobile-Based Device’ icon in it.
  4. After opening it, Browse to \windows folder and locate jmm.exe
  5. Right click on it and select “Create shortcut”
  6. Now, move this created shortcut into the \windows\Start menu folder
  7. Rename the shortcut to “Java Apps” (You can give any name you want… But, this is the name in which the java apps browser will be shown in the mobile start menu)
  8. Now disconnect your phone from computer and look in start menu. You should be able to see a new shortcut (usually at the last page) for browsing through all the installed java apps in your phone.