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How I fixed my car fuel door
23 Apr 2017

I love my car eventhough I maintain it real bad. Recently, the fuel switch started malfunctioning because of the cable that connects the door to the switch

Car mechanic’s suggestion was to replace the cable. And, to do that the seats, floor cover needs to be removed. Which is like a day’s of work for him. I was not convinced, Why can’t it be lubricated instead? Why replace something if it is not actually damaged? And, Why can’t it be done by me?

So started my baby steps to become a car mechanic. All you need is a map for a brave explorer. And here is mine

The main problem was accessing the cable end that connects to the fuel door. After some trail and error, I understood how all the interior plastic parts connect and was able to detach it

It is downhill from there. I injected oil into the cable from both the ends to make it operational again.

Nothing beats the pleasure of fixing things with your own hands. Be it software or hardware :)