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How well can I design a floor plan for a Quad?
04 Jul 2014

I am always interested in designing floor plans. Plans that utilize every square feet efficiently and artistically. It took me 4 months to finalized my home’s plan with an architect and at the end of it he even got operated for some problem in his skull (hopefully I am not the reason for it). It is a rectangular plot of 60 X 40 feet and the design was for a duplex house with spacious drawing room, open kitchen and 4 bed rooms. Pretty usual stuff…

I recently encountered a strange looking land in my neighbourhood. By strange I mean, the plot is not a rectangle but a quadrilateral with only vertex having 90 degree. I started to think whether it be possible to come up with an effective floor plan for such a plot and started playing using a software tool call sweet home 3d.

And, I am pretty satisfied with the results…

What you see on the top is two single BHK houses with separate balcony. Even thought the plan looks like square wave on one side, no single room will have a discontinuous wall.