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DIY - Kids memory game
03 Aug 2013

For the first year birthday party of my kid, I wanted to do something of my own for the kids instead of only buying stuff from the store. Ended up creating a simple card memory game

I have used some colorful cartoon images which are more consistent in look and feel and arranged them to fit in a long paper to print out using my home printer and cut them into cards.

Inside images of the cards
Back of the cards

Tricky part was to create a box to hold these cards. Worry not, picked an old playing cards box and unfolded it to understand the template cuttings. All I needed to do was to emulate the same design to fit my cards dimension.

And, the final part of carry bag to hold all the gift items for the children

Some photos taken during developmentā€¦

Overall, I heard interesting feedback from kids and were asking about minute details printed on the card game :)