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3D Home Models for dummies
20 Jul 2008

Home plan drawings are very good to understand the layout and relative size of different rooms in a house but I is very hard to understand how big it “feels”. When I put a accommodate the king size bed, will the space around it makes the room look cramped? How much of breather is needed in different parts of the room? Is 2ft gonna make lot of difference when compared with 1ft? These questions are hard to answer with just the plan diagram. Ofcourse 3D rendering of the house will help to an extend but that approach has its own problems when it comes to simulate the real feel of walking into a room.

So, I wanted to create a miniature of my house plan to see if it helps to get a better feel of how good the home will be to my liking. It is more like, simulation with hardware (cardboard, glue) instead of software :)